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Be Safe Be Seen Be Secure


Be Safe

See our road safety for cyclists info on

Check out the
helmet guide (right) from NHTSA


Click here for Think! Road safety games from

Try this
interactive video from 3m


Download my Jeopardy style Bike It knowledge game (Powerpoint)

Download our ABCss check poster on doing a bike safety check


Go to to see what you would learn during your Bikeability course


Check out this scooting video from Terry Price for scooting safely

Be Bright Be Seen
Wear something bright for day, wear something reflective for night and remember your reflectors and lights.

Take a look at this interesting Lights and clothing video. Makes you think...


Download my Be Bright PowerPoint to learn the 4 key ingredients to being seen

Try these Be Bright games on


Be Secure
Click here for bike security advice on

Advice on locking your bike at school
1. Walk to the bike shed - cycling on school grounds is dangerous and teachers and parents don't like it


2. Park your bike in the opposite direction to the bike on the same hoop so the handlebars don't get tangled


3. Lock the frame to the hoop or a sturdy object


4. Take your helmet with you - leaving it in the bike shed could trip someone and damage your helmet


Scooters: Parking your scooter in the bike racks causes a lot of trouble for bikers. Ask for scooter parking if there is none. 



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