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Here are quick tips on removing some of the most common barriers to a safer, more active and sustainable school run:

                I live too far away:

                                 Park & stride - this is where you take your car part way & then walk the rest of the way. 

                                 Car sharing - arrange with other parents to take turns to drive .   

                  I don't want my child to travel alone:

                                 Set up a walking bus. 

                                 Parents take turns to cycle with their & one or more other peoples children.

                 The roads are too busy:

                                 Use the cycle routes, get a local National Cycle Network maps & work out a route. It might make the journey                                         longer but safer

                                 Have training, it will make you more confident on the roads.

                    My bike is broken:
                                We do free Dr Bike (bike safety checking) sessions – request one for your school
                                We also do free maintenance classes for pupils, parents and staff – request one
                                Please go to Maps, Walks and Rides for a list of Bike shops around Peterborough.

I don’t know what bike to buy:
              Child bikes are often too heavy, have too many gears and are poorly made. Check out our buying a bike guide.                   Other tips:
                            Get value for money by buying a good quality used bike and reselling it
                            BMX bikes are not suitable for long rides due to their low saddle height

                            MTB tyres slow you down and take more effort to ride on pavement and roads
                            Ask your school to organise a bike & swap day. Bikes can be swapped between parents to find on                                       the right height or type for your child with mechanical assistance on hand

                  I can't ride a bike or I lack confidence = get training:
                                   Bikeability training teaches the skills needed to feel confident on a bike starting from where you are.

                                   More information here

                                   Locally delivered by OutspokenContact: 


                   I can’t get my child cycling: 

                                   We've found through our sessions in schools and listening to parents that the following could do the trick:
                                              Learn in a group - request a school session or get friends together
                                              Personalise the bike - some stickers, a basket, tassels or a superhero helmet garners enthusiasm
                                              Get someone else to try - a different person doing the same things may make the difference
                                              Use hard, flat surfaces or even a slight downhill with pumped up tyres to make the bike easy to pedal 

                                              A bike that is too small is very hard to pedal so not great to learn on




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