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Bike It Peterborough - Resources

Bike It activity How too guides:

Fancy having a break and taking the kids outside! (Please remember to adhere to up to date Government social distancing protocols*)

Teaching your children to ride (Step by step guides for your balance bike or bikes with pedals)

        Balance Bike Skills
       Stabiliser Free Skills   

Have a go at our easy step by step guides to checking your bikes over at home 

        Dr Bike: Bike safety checks guide (ABCs guide that anyone can use)        
   Bike safety checks guide 2 (M check to go with video)

If you have the space or can get out to somewhere nearby that has space, have a go at our fun Cycling for PE session plan! *

        Cycling for PE  (run your own bike skills sessions just like we do)

Have your children missed out on this year's Bikeability training?  You may be able to teach them the fundamentals yourself during your allowed exercise periods.  Click the button below to view some excellent videos from Wiltshire Healthy Schools that clearly and simply explain how to tackle all the elements of Bikeabiltiy Level 2. Click Here for video

Bike It activity Arts and Crafts:

Get your creative ideas following and have a look at creating your own Bike Board Game. Why not diverisfy and inlcude scooting and walking as well? You may be able to print off this board game if you have access to a printer at home but if not pull out some spare A4 sheets of paper and colouring pencils at have a go designing a new one for your selves.

 Sustrans Bike Safety Board Games (developed by Sacred Heart R.C Primary, Peterborough)

                             Bike Board Game Cards - Positive and Negative ideas

                                                                       - Game card Instructions

                                                                       - Board game (can be printed)

Sustrans School Officer resources (nationwide)

· Force and Friction activity: Friction

· Force and Friction activity: Force

· Healthy Hearts at Home

· Intro to Air Quality 1

· Intro to Air Quality 2

· Rainbow bling your bike, scooter or bag! and Rainbow print me out rainbow

Bike Gears
Urban Biking
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