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Bike It Crews

A small group of responsible, cycle-mad pupils from mixed higher years, or a few members of the school council or Eco group can take on this role.

Bike It Crews encourage peer-to-peer engagement. It's a fun and engaging way to spread important messages and build skills for life.


They are responsible for promoting walking, cycling or scooting to school, a massive help to school champions and could:

        Assist or lead road safety assemblies
        Conduct bike/scooter counts or other travel surveys
        Give talks on their passion for cycling, scooting or walking
        Run competitions like Prize Bag

        Help plan future events


Weekly or fortnightly bike & scooter counts 
We can use this data to:

          take yearly averages
          track % of bike and scoot rack capacity used
          compare months/seasons
          measure the success of an event or competition


Ask your school champion to help set up a Bike It data account that will send the counts straight to us:


Click here and create an account on

         NEW USERS - Create New Account

         select options on the drop down menus for ‘region’ &‘school’ 
         choose an email e.g.
         create password


Schools with an account should now be able to log in and enter data themselves.

Great things to do as a Bike It crew


Hold meetings once a term to discuss plans and ideas

Help the Bike It officer during events and assemblies

Introduce yourself in the school newsletter and website 

Create and update a Bike It notice board 

Do bike and scooter counts once a week and hand out


Spot prizes to pupils that have:
            the cleanest bike
            well pumped tyres
            correct lights and reflectors
            cycled on a very bad weather day
            cycled, scooted and walked the furthest


Take photos of journeys to school or Bike It events 
(always check for permission)


Promote events and competitions like The Big Pedal 

Challenge a neighbouring school for least car use or highest percentage of cycling


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