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Useful Guides

Below are some useful guides we have put together or we would personally recommend. Here's why:


Choosing the right bike will keep you riding happily year round. Many are too heavy, difficult to maintain and slow. 

There are lots of different kinds of scooters, and just like bikes they need safety checking and training for safe use.
The increase in popularity of balance bikes as a fun and safe way to learn to ride is something we entirely support. We hope our guides will help you value them as much as we do.  


Learn to ride guide

Cycling for the first time without stabilisers can be a very powerful memory in a child’s life. It’s an achievement that will help build confidence and a natural sense of adventure.


An accompanying fact sheet is above, and click here for more info on 

Guides for maintaining and safety checking your bike and scooter


Maintaining your bike and fixing punctures are life skills anyone can and should learn. Ask at your school for training or a Q&A session and we'll be happy to help. A handy schedule for different maintenance checks is on here

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