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Prizes and Competitions 
Bike It crews can win all kinds of great things for their school or prizes for their hard work. Check this page for the latest competitions. 


Win a bicycle lock
For each usable photo we receive that has been checked for permissions by the school we will give away a bicycle lock. Photos should be of Bike It events, your journey to school or cycling with your family. These photos may be used on this website or on other local Bike It materials.
Photos must be emailed through your school champion.  

ABCs (bike safety check) Video

Win a scooter pod for your school
You can win your school a scoot pod. We feel very strongly that everyone can and should do a quick safety check of their bike frequently. Use the poster and video below as inspiration to make your own ABCs check video. The best one will win your school a scooter pod. Videos should be short, simple and easy to understand by anyone who may watch it. Contact Gail or Eric for more guidance. 


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